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About Me

You can expect that your session with me will be open to communication. Although I am very intuitive to my client's needs, I want you to feel open and comfortable in telling me how you feel. I listen and respond well. When we understand each other the outcome is amazing.

JenNot just the outcome, actually. From beginning to end and days after, you will reach a level of relaxation, happiness, and health that your body craves. That's one of the many things I love about what I do, that I can bring a positive change to your body and mind. I also love how each body is different; every session has new challenges to overcome and each client is a new and wonderful relationship. A Massage Therapist's work is never bland.

In keeping with the differences in my clients, I have a number of different "tricks" I can use. I integrate a more traditional Swedish approach with my deep tissue therapeutic style. Often I surprise new clients who, when seeing me, don't believe I have the strength to get in deep, where they want the work done. They always discover that my desire to meet their needs gives me the strength to work those tough areas.

Along with full body Swedish massage and therapeutic deep work, my sessions typically incorporate techniques such as hydro-therapy, stretching and traction, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and sports massage. By allowing these techniques to be present in a session I can give you a more whole-body experience, without feeling like I have to overlook an area.

I am considered by most down to earth and easy going with a "intuitive eye"(hands, fingers and elbows) for detail.

When you enjoy what you are doing the outcome always feels better. What makes a massage therapist "Good" is a broad range of techniques to cover the wide diversity of people and their needs. What makes a Massage Therapist "Great" is to be competent enough to give you what you are asking for. What makes a Massage Therapist "Awesome" is to go above and beyond, and hear without words what you body is asking for. You will find that I am that rare L.M.T who takes care of the stress, the undiscovered knots, and the tightness.

Wouldn't it be really cool to be working with someone who was just as interested in your body and how it works as you? Or someone who knew how to really give a great and relaxing massage the way they would want it? I thrive on making a change. I want you to feel happy, settled and complete and when you leave my office. I can't wait to meet you.



I graduated from Greenfield Community college's Stillpoint school of massage program in July 2005. Stillpoint was the first college-based accredited massage school in the Commonwealth and today remains one of only a handful of Massachusetts programs to be fully accredited by the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA). Stillpoint, which originated in Hatfiled, MA, prides itself in having a very complete 765 hour training that exceeds national standard by 265 hours. From my experience, Stillpoint has earned a reputation around the area of guiding great people to become phenomenal Massage Therapists. People often ask "where did you graduate from," and when I tell them Stillpoint school of massage they all seem to respond with enlightened ahh's and memories of their own experiences with Massage therapists and/or the school. To say the least, Stillpoint School of Massage is well known to be a great school physically, spiritually and academically.

I am licensed by the state of Massachusetts and currently a professional member of the Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) which means I am held to the highest standards of professional conduct and Ethics. I also maintain my continuing education requirements so in that I am working on being a well rounded and interested massage therapist.

My experience has covered, and continues to cover, volunteer events for runners, for cancer, for road bikers and even artists. Paid events have been baby showers, country fairs, health fairs, craft fairs inside and outside and even a chair massage for the bridal party in a hotel suite on that nerve racking night before. I have done events with other therapists as well, it all depends on the need. Field trips are fun.