Welcome To Greenfield Massage!


Greenfield Massage is owned by Jennifer Schmidt. We strive to provide the highest quality massage therapy sessions in a safe and comfortable setting. We are committed to helping our clients achieve results by carefully tailoring each session to meet individual needs. We promote well- being through education of the body, movement, increasing body & postural awareness and self-massage techniques, in conjunction with the massage sessions.

Greenfield Massage a place you want to return to, time and time again. With a convenient location and easy parking you can literally leave your troubles at the door and receive your massage in peace and quiet. Greenfield Massage offers private rooms that are quite, clean and very comfortable. Thoughtful attention resides within the warm colors serene atmosphere, relaxing music (we welcome clients to bring their own). Warm massage beds for cold days and central air for those brutal humid summers days finishing with a refreshing glass of cool water. Every session is tailored to your unique body (and mind) to meet the needs for your body, mind and soul. All Greenfield Massage Therapists are licensed by the state of MA and meet the requirements for continuing education.