Greenfield Massage
Requirements of the Practitioner & Client

    As Massage Therapists, we follow a code of ethics that are crucial to the client- practitioner relationship. We will treat each and every client with equal respect. Each client can expect a session with a therapist who is professional & competent, directed toward the client’s needs, regardless or his/ her age, gender, sexual orientation, race, origin or religion. All information revealed to your therapist is kept confidential and the privacy of our clients is always respected. Boundaries of both the client and practitioner are and should be well respected at all times and discussed if either party feels the need.

All clients will read and sign a copy of this policy. The massage session will begin and end at the scheduled time. We ask that you arrive 5- 10 minutes before your scheduled appointment time, to fill out any paperwork necessary, or to follow up with a verbal intake. If the client is late upon arrival, the rest of the scheduled time will be used and the full fee will still apply. If the practitioner is tardy, the client may reschedule or continue with the remaining time, at a reduced rate. The massage therapist will wait no more than 20 minutes unless notified by the client. If you cannot make it to a scheduled appointment, notice must be given 24- hours prior or the client will be charged 50% of the original rate. If the practitioner has to cancel, the same 24- hour notice applies. If that is not possible, the client may reschedule at a reduced rate, decided by the practitioner. Emergencies will be handled on an individual basis.

All clients must arrive with a clear head (sober), no exceptions will be made. The practitioner has the right to refuse treatment if the client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol and the client will still be responsible for payment in full.

Sexual harassment and abuse will not be tolerated. If the practitioner or client feels threatened or uncomfortable in any way, the session may end and the client is still to pay the fee in full.

Payment is expected on the day of the appointment. Cash and checks are accepted, no credit cards at this time.

At Greenfield Massage, draping with a sheet is used AT ALL TIMES with NO EXCEPTIONS. The practitioner will expose only the area of the body that is being addressed at that specific time.

All of the equipment and supplies are disinfected after each session and clean linens are used for each massage.